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GTBank Payroll Account

This is a bulk payment solution designed to meet your needs while handling many payments to different beneficiaries at a click of button. These types of payments include Salaries/Wages, Trade/Supplier payments, Dividends, Loan repayments/disbursements etc. With a single debit to your corporate account, payments will be made to multiple beneficiaries either via EFT and RTGS.


  • Immediate credit; to all beneficiary accounts held at the GT Bank and the following working
    day for beneficiaries with accounts in other banks.
  • Accurate processing; Beneficiary accounts are credited electronically thus eliminating errors
    associated with manual intervention.
  • Reduced Workload; Owing to bulk processing functionality one can upload all the payments as a
    single batch meaning time spent reconciling cheques is reduced and manpower can be used to
    do other work
  • Cash Handling Risk Eliminated; the need to transport and hold large amounts in cash for payment for
    various payments is done away with.
  • User friendly; the software is easy to use since it has friendly graphical user interfaces.
  • Saves time and money when making your staff salary payments ie less administrative costs and
    security firm costs for pay packets.
  • GTBank will install the software and train your process team on the usage.
  • Our IT and relationship team will give you support at no extra charge when needed.
  • Fast and effective service.
  • Free network banking access to your bank account and all other services from any branch.
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