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GTTarget Account

The GTTarget Account is a unique long term savings account available to all GTBank customers. This product enables you to schedule and plan for certain financial goals you would want to accomplish within a defined period.


What does the GTTarget Account Offer?

  • Premium interest rates prevailing term deposit rates
  • Interest rate fixed for duration of contract
  • Opening and minimum balance of UGX 50,000
  • The account accrues interest daily and is payable at the end of contract
  • No ledger charge
  • No withdrawals within the contract
  • If contract is ended before contract term, no interest is paid and a charge of UGX 20,000
  • Minimum Interest earning balance: UGX 250,000 ; USD 200
  • Tenors to be revised as below
3 months 6% 1.75%
6 months 8% 2%
12 months 9% 2.5%

Benefits of the GTTarget Account

  • Unlimited number of deposits
  • No account maintenance fees
  • Monthly interest on daily balances
  • Competitive interest rates
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